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Mina George


Captain Khaled

Terms :

8 Months

Project Type:

Interior Design

Strategy :

Sample Design


December 2021

We approaches each project as a new design exercise that requires a fresh perspective and an open mind. We start by researching the project parameters, side context, landscape, services, budget and regulations.






Master Bedroom





Transforming a home from a classic design to a new classic design can be an exciting and rewarding project for an interior designer. While classic design elements are timeless and elegant, incorporating modern touches can create a fresh and sophisticated look that reflects the homeowner's taste and personality.

When updating a classic home to a new classic design, an interior designer can start by reevaluating the color palette. Traditional classic design often features neutral colors such as beige, ivory, and taupe. An interior designer can suggest adding pops of color such as deep blues, rich greens, or even metallic accents to create a more modern feel. Another way to update a classic home is to mix and match different styles and textures. For example, blending classic and modern elements such as combining an antique chandelier with contemporary furniture can create a unique and stylish look. Using textured fabrics such as velvet or faux fur can add depth and warmth to the space.

Updating fixtures and appliances can also make a significant impact on the overall design. Swapping out outdated light fixtures or hardware with modern options can create a fresh, updated look. For example, replacing a traditional brass chandelier with a sleek, modern pendant light can make a significant difference in the space.

Finally, incorporating statement pieces can make a significant impact when transforming a classic home to a new classic design. For example, adding a large piece of art or a unique, eye-catching accessory can create a focal point in the room and add personality to the space. In conclusion, transforming a home from a classic design to a new classic design involves updating the color palette, blending different styles and textures, updating fixtures and appliances, and incorporating statement pieces. With these changes, an interior designer can create a fresh and sophisticated space that reflects the homeowner's style and personality while preserving the timeless elegance of a classic home.

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